This commission explores ‘A Slice of the Blackdowns’; indeed the longest slice (distance) there is across the Hills! My relationship with my local area has changed over the past 22 years, at one time I would say I lived in Devon, behind the Wellington Monument or in Hemyock, now I say I live in the Blackdown Hills? I’d like to explore why I now say this? I find the identity of the area fascinating and I have always been interested in coincidence in making art so when I began playing with lines on a map to find the longest line across the Hills it presented itself with a diverse, changing, rural and historic landscape with many coincidences.

The changing human geography of this imaginary line will form my commission. Initially I intend to document this route through mapping, film, drawing and conversation. I have already met and have been given permission to film at the hedgelaying event near Membury. I want to spend time with people ‘in the field’ to lead me in an ‘engaged’ direction. If I think about it I can see a HD film piece, a set of connected objects/sculptures, geographical paintings and so on to visualise this ‘slice’ – but I am trying not to think about outcomes. I don’t want to do everything, but would like to make a limited number of high quality works. I am also keen on collaborating with another BHAAM artist.

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