Line Facts

The line across the map forms the longest distance from border to border across the Blackdown Hills AONB area.

The longest distance across the Blackdown Hills coincidentally draws a line from where Devon meets Somerset at the M5 in the North West to a field boundary near Smallridge on the Axe Valley in the South East.

As the crow flies this line is 16 miles border to border. To drive this route (22 miles) would take an hour. The elevation difference from lowest point to highest is 720 feet

The route crosses the main rivers of Culm, Otter and Yarty and dissects the main trunk road where the A303 and A30 split.

The line crosses 25 roads, 23 public rights of way, several villages/hamlets and six areas of woodland. It crosses twelve streams and travels down the disused runway at Smeatharpe. Personally it crosses the field where I had my 50th birthday party and a friends pottery studio!

Even though the route is only 16 miles, it would be difficult to walk it on public rights of way in one day.

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